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Acai Bowls and Salads

Acai Bowl

Additional Toppings 

Islander Bowl – Made with Acai, Banana, Mangos & coconut water. Topped with Granola or Coconut flakes & Chia Seeds.

Forager Bowl – Made with Acai, berries, banana, nut butter & coconut water. Topped with Granola or Coconut Flakes & Chia Seeds.


(served w/ balsamic vinagrette)

Chicken Salad – roasted chicken salad, served on bed of mixed greens and fresh veggies. 

Mediteranean Chicken Salad – roasted chicken, crisp apples, raw walnuts, feta on bed of mixed greens. 

House Salad – crisp seasonal veggies on bead of mixed greens. $7.75 add chicken